Summer Fun with Goals Intact ….

Summer is here and vacations are all around us.

Is it possible to stay on track and still have fun?

Can you still have fun and be healthy, or do you have to sacrifice your health every time a fun event rolls around? …..


Here are some tips to help you still have fun, and not go completely off course.

1. Bring Snacks – This way you know that you will have your “healthy” snacks in case you get hungry and don’t have decent choices around you.

2. Drinks – For liquors stick to clear liquids such as vodka, gin, or tequila and add soda water with lime or lemon. This weekend we added cucumber to our cocktails and it tasted amazing! Stick to wine or champagne. For wines avoid sweet reds or whites, and stick to brut champagnes. Especially with summer here there is nothing like a nice cold glass of beer, no worries just make sure it is gluten-free. Cider beers tend to always be gluten -free so if you don’t see gluten-free go for the cider.

3. Plan Workouts as a Group – Go for a hike, morning workout, or partner or travel workouts. This way we had an amazing views, a fun time with friends, accountability to do it, and felt great in the process.

4. Yelp or Google it: When deciding on where or what to eat with friends, grab your phone or a computer and yelp or google restaurants in the area. Now you can look up the food menus and see what food choices they have. Pre-plan your order so you know you can stick to a mostly Paleo style meal.

5. Try to get a hotel with a kitchen in it – Now days most Marriot Residence Inn, Radissons, Clubhouse Suites etc… all are very nice hotels and they contain their own kitchens. This is a really great and easy way to stay on the Paleo Train and save a ton of money in the process. You can go to your local store and stock up for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner if you want. Now you have the quality control for your food, and you know exactly what ingredients you are working with!

These 5 steps are a very easily attainable, and still allow you to have a fantastic time!

Now not only will fun be the priority, feeling good will be too!

Heads Up, July 4th Schedule

July 2nd – Noon Will Be The Last Class of They Day (5:30am, 6:30am, 8:30am Fit Chick, and 12pm Only)
July 3rd – CPMFITness Closed
July 4th – CPMFITness Closed
July 5th – CPMFITness Closed
July 6th – CPMFITness Closed
July 7th – Resume Normal Schedule

The O-Board Says…

2 rounds
30 cal Row
30 power cleans
100 double unders

Posted by: Annie