Supplementation: Good Idea? Bad Idea? No Idea:-/

Supplementation: Good Idea? Bad Idea? No Idea:-/


This week all the coaches are talking supplements. Over my exercise history I taken lots of different supplements over lots of different phases in my career.

I remember starting in High School (96′) playing on the varsity basketball team and lifting with the football team in the off-season. I was a skinny, (6’3″ 160lbs #yikes). My first exposure to supplements was the following:

-Creatine Monohydrate (4x/wk; pre lifting session) 
-Creatine Stack;  (1x/day at night)
-Muscle Blast (2x/day)

My sole purpose for taking them was to gain size and strength (obviously). And back then supplements did not taste as appealing as they are now. I had to add peanut butter, ice cream and banana’s to the Muscle Blast and Stack for added calories and flavor (the Stack was how do you say… “Disgusting“)

The point is, it worked! And worked really great. I have very fond memories and do encourage the use of supplementation. Over the years I done pre-workout mixes, amino acids, glutamine, various different versions of protein, fish oil, cod liver oil, capsule and liquid vitamins, etc…


Supplements are necessary however not mandatory. I think the general public gets that twisted. Lack of knowledge with waay TOO MUCH information in the marketplace leads to paralysis by analysis or just being mis-informed and spending a bunch of money with little payoff.

Humans are lazy by nature. We will most likely choose connivence over effort.

-Its easier to justify taking a fat burner pill than making a kale salad.
-Having pre-workout shake usually takes priority over drinking more water.

For the kind of clients and members we attract I like to preach and follow myself.
Hydration first; Drinking the optimal amount of water DAILY! Is harder than you think. And number 2 getting enough Compliant Meals into my week. Once your nutrition is in-check then we can talk about supplements. Last thought, I think it is a good idea to go off and on supplements. Don’t let your body get used to any one type of or routine of supplements.


1. Fish Oil; we need more Omega 3 in our life. Hard to get even with the cleanest of eating.
I take a shot first thing in the morning.

2. Vitamin D; this is literally the swiss army knife of supps. Almost anything wrong with our health can be attributed with Vita D deficiency.
*I take 5,ooo mg 2x/day

3. ZMA; (Zinc and Magnesium); helps with sleep, muscle repair and insulin to name a few.
*I take 3 capsules before bed.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar; Hippocrates says, “By this completely natural process, apple juice is transformed into a living, nutrient-dense powerhouse.” I believe him and it has made an impact on me.
*I take morning and before bed.

5. Glutamine; (I just re-added this to my day). It helps support the immune system since immune cells can use glutamine for fuel. Glutamine is necessary for healing tissues and can be depleted by cortisol.
*I add 10g of glutamine to your water first thing in the morning.

6. Collagen Protein; Collagen peptides are found naturally in bones, skin and cartilage. You can get collagen through culinary, organ meats:-O or pharmaceutically, through supplements.
*1/day in the morning.

The only thing I am about to add back is a Vitamin B12, liquid. It helps with a ton of things including preventing mosquito bites and energy levels:-)

Workout of the Day
A. Front Squat
3-3-3-3-3 :
B. AMRAP 18min
P1 – 200m Farmer Carry
P2 – 5 Front Squat + MAX Toe 2 Bar
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