Switch It Up A Little!

Switch It Up A Little!

I’m Struggling…

to workout. It doesn’t happen to me often but it happens. These past couple months it’s been tough to squeeze everything in. Family, work, lifting, workouts, sleep. You get my point. I find myself feeling less and less motivated to workout. I can honestly say that has happened very few times since I was 20 years old. Even after having my babies, I couldn’t wait to head out the door for a run. Nothing was going to stop me!

So why now? I’m not sure. But I do know it means I have to switch things up. I really like the lifting program I am doing so that stays. I love working out with friends but I can only do it so often. Doing the WODs by myself gets tiring. So maybe the days that I can take a class, I focus on that workout. The days that I cannot, I just lift. I need to remember that I don’t need the cardio to lose weight. Do I really care if I lose weight anyway? Really, I haven’t weighed myself in almost a year!

  1. Be present for my family. Not on my phone, not trying to get a couple more things done, just be present.
  2. Feel good. Realize when too much is too much. Whether it’s workouts or sugar. Stop before it makes me feel like crap!
  3. Don’t stress over the small stuff. Life is too short to lay awake at night worrying about money. Yes, we need money to live but a truly meaningful life is way beyond money.
  4. Enjoy every day. Yesterday I walked outside to watch my chickens for a bit. I didn’t take my phone. I just sat and watched the chickens. And it was wonderful (up until the red rooster chased me across the yard!)

If you are stuck in a rut, I hope you too can find your way out. Hit me up if you need help!




The O-Board Says…

Part A:
Bear Build-Up
Every 90 seconds… 1 bear

Part B:
Partner Bear
P1: Bear Complex
P2: 200m Run
Score: Number of Bears