Meditating a Better Power Clean

Hope Everyone Had a Great Weekend!

I got to do some reading this weekend.  I poked around for some literature on meditation and skill acquisition.  I turned up two interesting papers on the subject.  I couldn’t turn up anything directly studying meditation and skill acquisition.  But, these papers have some interesting findings I find relevant.

Here are the two papers I read:

Levy, D., Wobbrock, J., Kaszniak, A. & Ostergren, M. (2012). The Effects of Mindfulness Meditation Training on Multitasking in a High-Stress Information Environment. Proceedings of Graphics Interface. 45-52.

Davidson, R., and Lutz, A. (2008). Buddha’s Brain: Neuroplasticity and Meditation.  IEEE Signal Processes […] Read more

Motor Skill Acquisition

Something that has peaked my interest lately is motor skill acquisition.  How do we form connections between the mind and the muscles and get our body to do things like the power clean, or the kettlebell swing or handstand?

Fortunately for me, there is a lot of research available, and I’m narrowing down what to spend my precious time reading.  Here are some promising papers I’m interested in:

Stages of Motor Skill Learning – Luft and Buitrago
Successful learning of a motor skill requires repetitive training. Once the skill is mastered, it can be remembered for a long period of time. The durable […] Read more