Could taking risks be the missing ingredient to our happiness?

Could taking risks be the missing ingredient to our happiness?

I was recently asked to define my risks for 2018. This has been a bit challenging as I realize most of my life has been about playing it safe. I like to stay in one lane. I don’t like a lot of interruption and like to take things at my pace. Taking risks is scary. My mind immediately goes to why would I let myself become so vulnerable? After doing a little research I have come to the conclusion that every decision we make has a consequence and is not 100% certain. We risk everything without even knowing it. So where does one start?

Here is a quick checklist of risks we could take:

  1. Risk taking the road less traveled
  2. Risk getting turned down – because we hate being rejected, we often fail to even ask
  3. Risk not getting the JOB is the same as landing it
  4. Risk failing – this one is HUGE for me – but failing just means you succeed in figuring out another way of not doing it
  5. Risk making a mistake – I am a perfectionist but realize this is how we learn
  6. Risks losing friendships – this one is tough for me but have realized over the years that I have distanced myself from my friends, not intentionally but there is only so much time to get the work done that needs to be done for my dreams to happen.
  7. Risk not being good enough
  8. Risk putting yourself out there and being judged – nailed this one with my blogging?
  9. Risk admitting that you don’t’ know – knowledge is the easiest thing to accumulate but only if you ask questions and risk not knowing that answer
  10. Bottom Line…the biggest risk is not taking one!

I would love to hear what are your risks for 2018?!?


The O-Board Says…

WOD: 12/28/17

Part A: Max Bar Hang
rest 1 minute
Max handstand Hold

Part B for Time:
Hang Power Cleans

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