Thanksgiving Favorites from the CPMFitness Staff

Thanksgiving Favorites from the CPMFitness Staff

Thanksgiving Day is filled with feasting, family and football. Year after year the same staples – turkey, gravy, mashed potatoes, yams, cranberries and pumpkin pie make it to the table as we gather around with family and friends and get “stuffed.”

It’s hard to imagine a Thanksgiving meal without these dishes but that is what makes traditions such a fun part of the holiday season. The coaches at CPMFitness would like to share some of our Thanksgiving memories and recipes that have shaped our holiday experiences.

Barbara Micek

Watching the Huskers game the day after Thanksgiving 🙂 Most memorable meal was a chicken nugget happy meal… McD’s was the only place open on TGiving when we were driving to Boulder, CO for the game 🏈.

Blake Lynch

Since I’ve gained a family in recent years, we haven’t quite narrowed down any traditions. I know that sounds kinda lame but seems like every year is different now 😊. I usually smoked a turkey or brisket. My favorite dish (desert) would be pecan pie. And let’s not forget about the start of the rowing challenge!

Brooke Laycock

Favorite tradition is playing board games. One in particular called Peanuts (some people call it Nerts). It’s a team game so a bunch of people can play. It’s so FUN!  Click here for the RULES. Favorite dish is garlic mashed potatoes.

Courtney Hughes

My family doesn’t usually do the traditional Thanksgiving meal, which I actually LOVE! We usually do a honey ham, a big lettuce salad, cheesy potatoes, corn and homemade rolls! My grandma always makes a pumpkin and pecan pie 😋

Emily Plucker 

Every holiday season I make a Caramel Cranberry Crispix mix. It is super unhealthy but SO GOOD! People request it every year. Gotta splurge, right? I can’t pick just one tradition but my weekend includes meals with family, board games, shopping and, of course, working out to undo some of the damage I did during my Thanksgiving dinners! 😂

Kelly Tadlock 

We always donate and run in the turkey day 5k run 🏃🏽on Thanksgiving day at the banquet. So we make sure we’re giving something on that day. A favorite recipe are these pumpkin muffins

Lisa Thruston

My sister and I have a new tradition of watching muppet Christmas movies (The Muppet’s Christmas Carol and Emmet Otter’s Jug Band Christmas) and looking through all the ads in the paper to plan our Black Friday shopping experience.  Oh, I am a sucker for stuffing (don’t need to get fancy, Stove Top is great 😜).

Nicole Zacher

Every Thanksgiving, I look forward to one dish more than any other and that is my Dad’s corn bread stuffing. I have asked for the recipe but like everything else he makes he does not have one. Favorite tradition is after the big meal we sprawl on the floor with 2 or more newspapers and flip through the Black Friday ads over a bottle of wine.🍷  We work up an appetite and then head back to the kitchen for round #2!

Shelly Lane

Favorite dish is sweet potato stuffing. It has some sausage, celery, onions, sage and eggs to bind it together. That’s the bulk of it. So yummy! And Thanksgiving is the evening we start (officially allowed) to turn our outdoor Christmas 🎄 lights on!

And lets not forget about A Thanksgiving Meal Fit Chic Style…

Click here for some amazing recipes including Annie’s broccoli casserole and stuffing.


3-Rounds for Time:
Run 800 meters
30 Dumbbell squat cleans
30 Burpees

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