The 22%…

Is Rambo Cold or Upgrading His Attire?

78% of all New Year’s resolutions (i.e. wanna be goals) fail and most people quit their goals after the 3rd week in January. 

Why is this?

I feel most people think that if they simply write something down for some reason it will ‘magically’ happen. And if you don’t think it will ‘magically’ happen they sure act like it will because they simply do not do what it takes to achieve the goals they wrote down. 

This post is intended to lead, teach and inspire you to be the 22% that not only achieves their goals this year but becomes super achievers and figures out how to achieve anything and everything they want in their lives. 

For some reason we human beings work well in 3’s. For you to achieve this year’s goals you will need to follow the 3 BIG steps with 3 key behaviors to make it happen. 

Here we go….

1. What 3 things would have to happen to make this the best year of your life thus far? 
Think of this as, if these 3 things happened then WOW! Definitely no doubt about it this would be the best and FITTEST (FITness, Career and Relationships) year of my life. What are those 3 things? Similar to if a genie in a bottle approached you and gave you 3 wishes, think BIG!! Make it unquestionably the best year yet. If you already have a goal this is your chance to reassess those goals and make sure they are BIG enough:-) 

2. What are the 3 key behaviors that if you did them consistently all year long would have the greatest impact to achieving each one of your BIG goals.  

Our behaviors have lead us down a path to exactly where we are today. For us to achieve something we have never done we are going to have to start behaving completely different. Definite goals must be accompanied with definite behaviors in line with those goals.

FITness Example: Be in excellent shape.

1. Vigorous workouts for 45 minutes 4 times a week.
2. 4 balanced nutritious meals per day (21 meals per week)
3. 10 glasses of water a day

Career Goal: Increase your sales by 200%
1. 2 hrs every work day talking to prospects or ideal clients
2. 5 thank you card to dream clients or referral worthy clients. 
3. 1 hour a day planning strategies, and preparing WOW projects and presentations for and with prospective ideal clients. 

Relationship Goal: Deepening the intimacy with your marriage
1. 2 genuine expressions of gratitude, acknowledgment and appreciation everyday.
2. Making date night special every week.
3. One magic moment a week. Something out of the blue, a break from the routine, unexpected, candles, flowers and card, starting a bath with a foot rub and soft music.

3. Track Your Behaviors

Most of our behaviors are unconscious. We don’t even know what we are doing right, wrong or not enough of. But it all becomes very clear when we start to track it. Have you ever had to do a food journal for your trainer and write down everything you ate for a week? Did you realize what you were really eating? Was it as ‘HEALTHY‘ as you thought? Probably not. You can’t improve what you don’t  measure. So get a notepad, smart phone, journal,  or google doc and begin to track your progress. Be sure to have checkpoints throughout the year to ensure how you are behaving is in line with reaching your goals.  

Lastly, the fundamental skill of all success is discipline. The only thing that separates you from the achievement of your BIG goals is your ability to stay disciplined and consistent with your key behaviors and your tracking of them. 

In life you will suffer one of two pains. The pain of discipline or the pain of regret. 

The pain of discipline weighs ounces. Think about pushing through those daily workouts, making your healthy lunch’s the night before, waking up early to get that early am workouts in when you don’t feel like it. That type of pain sucks (yes I know it SUCKS) but it is only in the moment.  

The pain of regret weighs in TONS! Think about having a heart attack, divorce, financial ruin, or simply going through another year of failing on your ‘resolutions’, your goals, your dreams and your word. This type of pain lasts a lifetime. 

What do successful people and unsuccessful people have in common?

They both HATE to do what it takes to be successful. The difference is the successful do it anyway.

I want you to be successful. Work these 3 steps. Do what sucks. Do it over and over and over again. And realize that what creates short term pain creates long term pleasure and what creates short term pleasure creates long term pain. 

Choose to do the short term pain.