The Resolution(s) Aftermath…

The Resolution(s) Aftermath…

I used to be a quitter. Every day would be filled with false starts and high ambitions, and I might even make a lot of progress towards whatever goal I had in mind at the time, but ultimately I would always give up before reaching said goals.

The New Year Resolution season is just about done, and many of us that were hoping that this year will be the year where everything turns around.

  • You’re going to exercise every day.
  • You’re going to lose 50 pounds.
  • You’re going to launch that new business idea.

So where are you at? I hope not like the 78% of people that have quit already.

What to be the difference? Here are 5 mistakes to avoid…

1. You Have No Routine
The entire “New Year Resolution” phenomenon essentially boils down to habit-making, and habits are built over time. The opposite is true, too: bad habits are dismantled over time. Your job is to contribute a little bit each and every day until those habits are built (or dismantled).

Routines can be a pain, but here’s the good news: habits can form or break in just 21 days. All you have to do is hold out for three weeks and you’ll find it much easier to stay on track towards your goals.

2. You Aren’t Skilled Enough
If your New Year Resolution involves learning a new skill, then there’s a good chance that you’re going to feel overwhelmed by the learning curve at some point — and when that inevitably happens, you’re going to want to quit.

This is a huge issue for newbies who are trying to learn how to program something new to your life. When your ability lags behind your vision, you become frustrated.

3. Your Goals Are Poorly Defined
How well can you drive with your windshield completely covered in dirt, snow, rain, etc…? Welp, that analogy holds true with your goals. If you literally can’t see it in your brain then you will not be clear with what you need to and where you need to go to get the goal gainz.

4. You Have Too Many Goals #myPersonalProblem
One big paradox is that highly ambitious and motivated people tend to have too many goals, resulting in paralysis as they struggle to commit. When you want too many things, you could end up in an endless cycle of quitting-and-restarting.

5. You’re Afraid to Fail
The number one reason why creatives quit the pursuit of their dreams? Fear of failure. If you feel like you aren’t good enough or that your work sucks or that you could never be a good [insert goal here], then you know what I’m talking about.

Take this to heart: you are not alone!

The O-Board Says…

Part A: Death by Barbell
Jump Squat (go up by 1)
*We will have Stretches in between*

Part B: Partner Row 18 minutes AMCAP (as many cals as possible)
P1: Row for Cals
P2: Rest OR Active Rest (sit-ups, thai planks, leg levers, db side bends, land mines, could even set up a couple evil wheel spots)

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