The Benefits of Coconut Oil Other Than Cooking …

We see coconut oil frequently pop up in the health and wellness sector. What exactly is coconut oil and why is so beneficial to our bodies in more ways than just eating it?

Here are 5 other great ways to use coconut oil other than cooking with it …

#1 Make Up Remover:

Coconut oil is a great moisturizer make-up remover. Simply apply coconut oil to a cotton ball and wipe over eye makeup, and the rest of the face. Wash your face again as you normally would, or just leave the coconut oil on your face for added nutrients. It is very gentle and soothing for the face too.

#2 Lotion/Moisturizer/Sun Screen

Coconut oil can be applied to the skin to use as a moisturizer, for dry skin, protect your skin, and just to keep you smelling amazing. Coconut oil quickly absorbs into the skin and contains antioxidant which helps with dryness, wrinkles, and sun spots.

#3 Conditioner

If your hair is feeling dry, frizzy, unhealthy coconut oil is a great treatment for the follicles and the scalp. The same way it can nourish your skin, coconut oil can nourish your hair. Apply a small amount to shampoo’d hair then rinse. Coconut oil will help get those tangles out too.

You can also use coconut oil as a leave-in treatment to help with dead ends, frizz, and dry scalp.

#4 Toothpaste:

Toothpaste is one that can contain a lot of added chemicals and unnecessary additives. Here is a way to keep those pearly whites sparkling and not have harmful side effects. Try this recipe and make it a little DIY.

#5 Helps heal Cuts, blisters, and scrapes

Coconut Oil can act just as fast if not more immediate as a ointment such a Neosporin or Hydrogen Peroxide. Coconut oil can even be used as a topical protector for infection,inflammation. All you have to do is just rub a small amount of oil over the wound and watch it heal naturally and quickly.

Now you can really justify purchasing this fabulous oil, not only can you use it in the kitchen you can take it with you throughout your whole house!

The O-Board Says…

A. In 10 min Accumulate as many meters…
P1= 100m Farmer Carry
P2= 20 Renegade Rows

B. 5 rounds for time:
30 wall ball (20/14)
10 pull ups

Posted by: Annie