The Benefits of Core Strength ….

The Past 3 Weeks Monday’s Theme has been Midsection Madness. Yes it feels great to work those abs and toning abs for summer is most people’s main desire .. but should it be?

Building your core is so important and vital to your overall health and wellness. It aids in low back protection, protects central nervous system and abdominal structure, and gives you good posture.

Here is a great article from Readers Digest on how much importance core strength plays to your overall health.

After reading this article you will expand your view on why looking goodin a swim suit is just a small role in why having a strong core rocks!!!

What are some of your favorite core exercises CPM’ers?

Post in the comments below …

The O-Board Says…

For time;
3 rounds
Row 500m
100m farmers carry
Row 500m
100m front rack carry
Row 500m
100m oh carry

Posted by: Annie