The Benefits of Static Holds in Workouts and in Life ….

Thursday we will be doing a workout that consists of all static holding for different positions ..

Hollow Hold
Bar Hang

Why did I program this you ask?

Well you all know I am the “Why” Girl so here is your answer …

Static exercises, also known as “Isometrics”, are a form of exercise where the body performs little to no movement while contracting its muscles.
Key benefits of static training are:

1. Increased muscular endurance – Static training is very taxing on your CNS (Central Nervous System). This occurs very quickly while performing static holds. Which is why you notice that you get tired and fatigued much more quickly than if you were to perform a standard eccentric/concentric exercise like a pushup. In order for your body to handle the stress placed upon it the muscle fibers have to adapt with a higher state of fatigue. This results in your muscles being able to perform the same exercise more easily the next time you try it. So pushups will start to become easier, squats you will recover from faster etc …

2. Increased muscular strength – A great advantage to static holds is their ability to increase your muscular strength. As you watch many gymnasts all the movements they perform are all done by using there own body weight (typically in static hold positioning). Any static movement requires you to engage every single muscle to their fullest capabilities. As a result your muscles have to get stronger in order to perform the movement for a longer period of time. Hence, why gymnasts are some of the toughest and strongest athletes in the world!

3. Toning – Since static holds increase muscular strength resulting in toned muscles. Toning only happens when muscles enlarge (and fat cells shrink). Enlarged meaning overcompensating the fat cells not literally getting large! I am talking about that lean and athletic look, not body builder status. Plus, muscle burns fat, so you are burning fat 6-8 hours after your workout. When in traditional “cardio” workouts what you burn is burn!

4. Time saver – We are doing this workout in 20 minutes, and I guarantee you will not want to add another second (if you are doing this correctly). Have you ever tried to hold a 5 minute plank or max Handstand Hold or Bar Hang?
If you get 2 minutes (as a normal human) that is pretty impressive so think of what you could do in just 10 minutes? I once did a 30 day “Hanging Challenge”. For 7 minutes a day, I would alternate from Handstands, Plank Holds, and Bar Hangs. I saw great results in core strength but the best results was my shoulder mobility and strength increases and all it took was 7 minutes a day!

Sounds easy right … Well you know the workouts that look the easiest tend to be the some of the hardest!

Can’t wait to see you Thursday!

The O-Board Says…

A. Every 3 min for 15 minutes ..
200m run
10 Wall Balls
20 Pushup

B. 5-rounds (each ARMAP 3):
10 Single-Arm Dumbbell Snatches
15 squats
5 Toes to Bar
Rest 1 minute between sets

Posted by: Annie