The Best Bed Time Snacks

I was meeting with a client today and she wanted some good suggestions on some healthy bed time snacks that satisfied that sweet tooth craving, but made you sleep well too. This is not the first person to ask me this, so I figured many of my clients and readers had the same question too.

Chowing down an entire pint of Talenti or bag of potato chips shouldn’t bet the night cap, that doesn’t mean you should avoid night time snacks all together. if you need to eat something before bed, make sure you choose foods that don’t interrupt your quality of sleep. As a rule, avoid any spicy foods, citrus fruits, tomato sauce, and rich/heavy foods that are hard to digest.

The best snacks to have before bedtime are those that contain serotonin, the calming happy hormone. Bananas are also known for promoting sleep, as research shows that potassium is an important mineral for deep sound sleep. They also contain tryptophan, which will help you drift into dreamland even quicker. Honey is also a good seratonin producer. So try subbing some of these foods into your late night snack whenever possible. Pairing complex carbohydrates with some protein is also a great filling and satisfying nighttime snack. Here are some more healthy options to help you get your zzzz’s.

1. Cake Batter Pudding:  

2. Cinnamon Toast Crunch

3. Protein Balls 

or Version 2.0

4. Veggie Chips 

5. Gone Bananas

What are some of your favorite night time snacks that you want healthier versions of?

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The O-Board Says…

Test Day #2
Run 1 mile
Rest 5 minutes
2 minute max push ups
Rest 2 min
2 minute max sit ups
Rest 2 min
2 min max air squats
Rest 2 min
Max pullups

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