The Buddy System

What Are We Talking About

“The buddy system is a procedure in which two people, the “buddies”, operate together as a single unit so that they are able to monitor and help each other.” — Wikipedia

The buddy system is used by our military, firemen, police officers, and school children.  Programmers even practice what’s termed “pair programming.”  The pair work on the same computer, one writing the code and the other reviewing the code as it’s typed.

The main benefit of the buddy system in these instances is likely safety.  If one person gets into trouble, the buddy can rescue them.  There are also psychological benefits.  If we were to pair a new or “green” buddy with an experienced buddy, the newby would learn quicker.

The Most Impact

I’ve used the buddy system extensively during my fitness history.  When I started going to the gym in college, it was because a buddy of mine asked me to go with him.  From then on, I’d always drag my roommate, brother, or various friends to the gym.

I graduated from college and lost my network of gym buddies.  It wasn’t long though before I had converted my new coworkers into gym buddies.

The buddy system mattered to me, because it kept me accountable.  I knew early on that if I just went to the gym my life improved.  Problem was, I didn’t want to go to the gym by myself (who does right?)!  If I didn’t have my buddy with me, I’d roll over and shut off my alarm in the morning.

I never worried about what I was going to do at the gym, what program to follow, what to eat before or after, how long I should be doing this or that.  All those things mean nothing if you don’t make it to the gym.

This Is Fairly Typical For Me

And maybe you can relate.  I waste a lot of time and energy on stuff that doesn’t matter at all.  It’s best not to put the cart before the horse, as they say.  I wanted to make exercise part of my life, so the act of making it to the gym was priority number one.

The buddy system ended up being the most powerful tool for me.  Knowing that my buddy would be at the gym @ 5am waiting for me made me get out of my warm bed even when I didn’t feel like it.  If I didn’t show, what would my buddy think of me!?  That simple concept is powerful.

Get You A Buddy – Period

You already have some built in buddies.  With the CPM classes, perhaps you’ve made a few friends that come to the same class you make it to most.  That helps.

I encourage you to take it a step further.  Reach out to someone, put yourself out there and straight up tell them you want them to be your buddy.  Then communicate and coordinate what class you’ll go to.  If you and your buddy know you’re supposed to be at the 4:30p Thursday class, there’s a pretty good chance you’ll both make it.

If you find yourself having trouble making all your classes in a week, or you’re just looking to have a little more fun, find a buddy.  I’ve been using the buddy system for about 8 years.  It’s been the biggest contributor to the fitness habits I’ve built over that time.

Try It Out, I Know A Few CPMers

Who’ve been using the buddy system, and it was the difference maker for them.

You could also find a like minded buddy if you’re part of the Dominate Your Plate Challenge.  Turns out, food prep is more enjoyable with someone to bounce ideas off of and talk to as well.

The O-Board Says…

Starters –

Tabata row

AMRAP in 4 minutes of:
DB snatch, alternating

Rest 2 minutes

Main –

8 rounds for time
25 m buddy carry or plate run
25m backwards sprint
50m sprint

Posted by: Stets