The Day After….

The Day After….

The Damage Has Been Done  ?

What can I say? Thanksgiving was amazing. I ate lots of yummy food, I sat around a lot and I tried to avoid any unnecessary activity. It was FANTASTIC! Working out this morning was good. Needed that. But burning 500 calories, really doesn’t make up for eating 5000. Or does it?? ?

So what do I do now? Time to kick things into gear by getting back to the gym tomorrow! I know, I know….it’s Black Friday. If you are out shopping at insane hours of the day, I will give you a break on the workout. After all, the fist fight you got into at Target probably burned quite a few cals. Those of you who are free Friday morning, join us at CPM. We’ve got a calorie burning workout that will hit the spot after that giant Thanksgiving feast.

This time of year is tough. Don’t make it harder by skipping workouts. My eating can get a little out of hand but if I at least continue to workout, I manage to avoid extra weight gain. And come January 1st… LOOK OUT!!

Oh and jump in on the rowing challenge. That is THE BEST way to avoid the extra weight gain. The meters add up to lots of cals burned. Doesn’t hurt!

Hope you had an amazing Thanksgiving. I am very thankful for all of you ❤️



The Oboard Says..
Row’d Kill
3 Person Team
Row 10,000m
P1: Rows
P2: Sit-Ups
P3: Burpees
*subtract 1 second for every burpee rep

Posted by: Emily