The DEETS – DYP Day 24, New Yoga Class Times and More!

Dominate Your Plate: Day 24!

DYPer’s, you are so close to Day 30.  What are your goals after the challenge is over?  I’m curious who is planning to continue with the Whole 30 lifestyle and who is planning to eat every Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup their kid brings home from trick or treating.  It will be Halloween after all.  Regardless, I hope everyone is feeling great and has learned a lot about themselves in the last 24 days.

Don’t miss the DYP meeting this Monday, October 27th!

This will be the final meeting for the challenge so try to make it and finish this challenge in style.  We will cover life after the challenge and how to make a successful transition.

The meeting starts at 7:45.

New Yoga Class Times!

Starting in November, we will be adding a 5:30 am Yoga class on Wednesday. How cool is that?  We will have Yoga Tuesday and Wednesday morning! There is no better way to start your day than with some Yoga.

Wine Down Yoga

Wine Down Friday is happening again Friday November 7th at 7pm.  This is a great way to celebrate all the hard efforts of our DYP Challenge.  We had such a great turnout in the past that we couldn’t wait any longer to do it all over again.

Bring your illuminated candle, yoga mat, and favorite bottle of wine and glass.  This is a slower paced class vs. the usual YogaFIT classes. It is designed for more stretching, flexibility, breathing and restoration from the week of workouts. Feel free to hang with us after and have a glass of wine with your favorite gym and community.

For members it can count as a class. Or you can buy a special single class rate for $10 for this event only. Friends or Spouses that are non-members can attend this class for $10 as well. The more the merrier so please bring your friends plus more friends means more wine 🙂

Date: Friday, November 7th

Time: 7:00p – 7:45p is the class time; you are welcome to stay and hangout after class and have wine afterwards.  This is located on the class scheduler. Please sign in as you would for a normal class.

CPM Sleigh the Rower 2.0

With the DYP Challenge coming to an end, we can start to focus on the CPM Rowing Challenge.  Get excited about it and challenge yourself to row meters for charity.  It’s a great time of year to burn extra calories and, with cooler weather on the way, why not spend some time indoors on the rower. The challenge starts November 28th and ends December 24th. For more information go to the Concept 2 ONLINE CHALLENGES PAGE.

And now another edition of….

Reflections, by Mother Plucker

My personal thoughts on another fantastic week at CPMFitness.

  1. Front squats are hard on the wrists. Why do some people have flexible wrists? Do they go home and stretch them?  I never think to do that.  I thought all wrists were created equal… inflexible.
  2. Always use the bathroom RIGHT before a double under workout.  Limiting coffee consumption that day doesn’t hurt either.  For best results, do both.
  3. Every coaching cue for the snatch sounds dirty.
  4. I love it when Annie adjusts me during yoga.  I can hold that pose for a good 2 seconds until her back is turned.  Then I fall down.
  5. Stets is already working on his second book, “Sexy Burpees with Stetson Ramey”. Thursday nooners know what I’m talking about 🙂

The O-Board Says…

3 Rounds – 1 min per station
Hang Power Clean
Plank Taps
Front Squat
Knees to Elbow

* rest 1 min btwn rounds

Posted by: Emily