“The DEETS” Part 1

Everyday the gym is making progress towards the grand opening in August. We have a ton of great things in the works…

Special Grand Opening Shirts (#CPMGO)

A Grand Opening only happens once with a business so we would like to capture the excitement, electricity and momentum of our official opening with a special edition #CPMGO shirt. This shirt is so special it will only be printed ONCE. That’s right if you are fortunate to receive this shirt you will be considered the official charter member, the O.G., the starting crew. And I repeat, this shirt will NOT be printed again… EVER! You got one shot at it. To be eligible for the #CPMGO shirt you must be 1 of the first 100 members to sign up by August 31st. If you are 101 or sign up after August 31st you are S.O.L.

You only do a grand opening once and this shirt will capture it. #CPMGO will be revealed next Thursday on our update post… Stay plugged in.

Inaugural Workout… The Vote

What better way to start off our GO with a good ole’ fashion Inaugural Workout of your choice. Next week we will present to you 3 different workouts and YOU will get the chance to vote for the 1st ever official workout at CPMFITness – Sioux Falls.

Class Schedule 

We are in the midst of finalizing our opening class schedule. With our CPMFIT classes, YogaFIT,  FitChic’s – Women’s Only Classes, Competency Courses, Goal Setting Group, and WreckShop we will have plenty of ways to keep you motivated, focused and always progressing. Look out next week for the finalized schedule. And who knows we may be running classes a week early, just saying…

Intro Appointments 

We have already had quite a few people stop by, say hi and get all their questions answered about the gym. We are divulging more info if you come visit us:-) If you are interested in learning more about the gym and what we will offer email me (cpmfitness@gmail.com) and we will schedule a time to meet at the gym.

So many more things in the works. Stay tuned in next Thursday for “The Deets 2.0”

Post by Chris.