The Evolution of the #bassUp

The Evolution of the #bassUp

Missy and Trenton Bass have been on my mind (and the minds of many) around CPM for the last week and a half. The accident that occurred has changed many lives especially those in the Bass household.

For more info on Trenton Bass’s story click HERE.


The #bassUp started as a fun way to scale UP workouts at CPM. For those of you that know Missy and have been fortunate to workout with her you would understand that Missy is as Strong and Conditioned as they come. She typically lifts more than the guys around her and runs circles around those who are in just as good of shape but nearly half her age. So when we would present the workout for the day we would explain the what is prescribed, what is a scaled down version and what can be a #bassUp (a higher scaled version of the workout).

For example = Pushups
Scaled down = Pushups with hands elevated on a box (less resistance)
#bassUp = Handstand Pushups (much more resistance and skill required)

A few more examples brought to you by Mrs. Bass


A few weeks ago we performed a fun yet feared workout called “Bring Sally Up” using Back Squats with a Barbell. Missy was one of the few that not only completed the workout but ended up doing it with a prescribed weight of 95# on her BACK!

Check this video:


The #BassUp28 Challenge is motivated by that premise and is a very simple Challenge which includes committing to 4 steps:

1) 28 squats for 28 days (if you have issues with squats, pick something different – push-ups, sit-ups, etc.)

2) Choosing a dollar amount per squat to donate to the Bass Family. (donations can be made in the following ways:
-Online at
-By mailing a check to Exchange State Bank in Hills, MN …
-More information can be found online at or our Facebook page =

3) MOST IMPORTANTLY … Pray EACH DAY! The God we read about in Scripture and believe in is a God of provision, peace, cRaZy miraculous healings, and restoration.

4) Share or post a video of your squats, a Scripture you’ve been reflecting on, an encouraging prayer or note, or some combination of these. (make sure you include the #bassup28 in your post whether Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to help make this go viral)


Missy joined us for a workout last Friday. She gathered the noon group together to share her thanks, love and appreciation to everyone at the gym and express the true meaning of #bassUp; (I’m paraphrasing)

I realized during the Bring Sally Up workout a few weeks ago that ‘Bassing Up’  in our lives is like the workout. Life is going to have it’s Up’s and Down’s. It’s how we cherish and appreciate the good times and how we respond and recover in the down times. Life will always present to us the good and the bad. The biggest difference is knowing who holds all the cards, God. Realizing that your faith and believe in Him will keep you going STRONG. Praying and letting the Lord guide your life. You never know which way your life will turn you. Bottom line is you need to trust that God’s plan is better than yours, even if it’s not what you want, there is a bigger reason why, God’s reason why and you need to have faith in the process.

Missy you have been an absolute inspiration for me! Especially in the last week and a half when I have been faced with a challenge (BIG or small) I take a moment and ask myself, “If Missy can handle what she is going through, then I can too!”.  Then I pray to the good Lord and take it ‘one step at a time’. Forever love and prayers to you and the Bass Family.

The O-Board Says…

Partner WOD

5 rounds, 1-minute stations:
Wall Ball
Knees to Elbow
Box Jumps

*1-minute rest

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