The Fit Chic’s “Why” to Workouts

The Fit Chic’s “Why” to Workouts

I ask my clients constantly what they want, What is there “Super Why”, and what keeps them coming back.

I get answers from all over the board. ” I want to loose weight”. “I want to stay healthy for my kids”. “I want to crush a race”. etc … Most people forget the “why” and they just start going thru the motions. This is where I find the workouts or working out in general can get boring and mundane.

I have been an avid workout person for most of my life. First it was sports, then it was teaching fitness/Personal Training etc… I have done every workout video out there, tried every fitness “trend”, and feel in the love with the feeling you get having accomplished something hard to start your day.

My “Why’s” have definitely changed their course over the years. When I was young I wanted to start on the basketball team, run faster in track, and be able to be outwork people on whatever sport I was in. I knew that if I could outwork people, even if I wasn’t the most talented I would be able to wear them down and take over from there.

Then in college and early twenties (where I met my husband). I worked for a gym. It was so fun and easy to just go up to the fitness floor do an hour or two of cardio some small weights (cuz God forbid I get bulky) and throw in a couple fun cycle, boxing, and bootcamp classes. It was like a club you would be there with your friends or study for your classes and then it was over. My “Why” was I didn’t want to be fat. I wanted to look like Brittany Spears, and I wanted to be in the best shape I could be.

When I was 26 I was introduced to Crossfit. My husband had found it through his brother and it was a completely different way of working out then I was used to. Heavier weights. less reps, higher intensity, in 1/2 the time. It was just the change I was looking for! I was getting married so my “why” (as all brides can agree) was to look the best in my dress! I was at a plateau, and thought this could be just the answer I was looking for, and boy was it! My body transformed and I fell in love with learning more about fitness than I have ever before.

Crossfit and Functional Fitness in general was a huge part of my life until last year when I had a pretty gnarly back injury and had to change it up once again! Not knowing it at the time but I believe God was preparing me for what I was about to endure. I now had my super why change to overall health and wellness! My injury was debilitating and I NEVER wanted to feel like that EVER again! So I had to look to quality of movement as my goal and intention of the movement for my body health.

I am now pregnant with two boys and although I didn’t know this blessing would arrive last year it has been the greatest gift to have my super “WHY” to be feel the best I can inside and out! As I approach motherhood I want to live a life without restriction. I want to wake up feeling energized and mobile, and I want to run and play as a family making movement fun for them too!

For now this is my season and my “Why”. As I mature and grow I am sure my “Why” will grow and change too. The one thing I know for sure is the “Why” will never die!


EVEN = Pause DB Box Squats
ODD = 10 PassThru’s + DB Xiopengs

B. 21-18-15-12-9-6-3
KB Swings
Burpee (to target)

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