The Good & Bad about Challenges

OverHead Head to Head Squat Off…Z and Zeb

As humans we have an amazing capacity for improvement. People continue to push the envelop of excellence, raise the level of greatness, and continue to out perform great feats of the past.

Everyone has the chance to drastically improve themselves but it is HARD. We must be challenged you bring out the best within us.

CrossFit is notorious for exercise and nutrition challenges.

So what is it about being challenged that makes us do what we wouldn’t normally do?

Why Challenges are Good:
1. The more obstacle you conquer, the easier the process becomes.
2. With you each obstacle you conquer the more confidence you build.
3. The more confidence you gain the more powerful and unstoppable you become.

But Challenges as good as they can be, also can have an adverse affect. I found a great perspective on this from Steve’s Club blog. Here is some of the post, for the full read click HERE

-individuality means understanding that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to learning and living the Paleo lifestyle. The best approach is whatever brings balance that’s sustainable over the long-term. 
I concede that the strict “Paleo challenges” are useful in determining treatment options for autoimmunity and pressing the “re-set” button on your “system.” People with lofty athletic and body-comp goals may adhere to strict plans. Often gyms institute their own challenges, which foster community and a group support system. These are fantastic reasons to take on a challenge – as long as you bring mental stability and balance to the process.
Most of us simply want to look and feel better. If your individual tendency is toward neuroses or backslides, it might be best to start small.

The challenge is to push you and help bring energy to others. Its a give and take. You give the goods you get the goods back.

What have you found out about YOU going through a challenge? Good stuff? Bad stuff?