The Great Fitness Gap

The Great Fitness Gap

Getting Ahead

I was listening to a podcast the other day and something they said really stuck with me…

The older we get, the further we separate ourselves from the rest of our generation if we resistance train.

BOOM! It hit me! They are so right. Have you ever noticed the really fit older guys and gals in the gym? Are they skinny marathoners? Nope. They are the ones who lift weights. They look strong, they move well and they stand out from the rest. People need to lift weights and resistance train. Why women are afraid of getting bulky is beyond me. They should be afraid of getting osteoporosis.

I’m training a client who hasn’t attempted a box jump in years. She’s in her 20’s. I ask her, “at 28 years old, do you already want to be in a position of not being able to jump?” Of course she doesn’t. None of us do. So she jumps on a box and surprises herself but it doesn’t surprise me πŸ™‚

You should be able to deadlift your body weight at a minimum. I want to deadlift double my body weight (without telling you exactly what I weigh, I’ll just say that I didn’t quite hit it when I deadlifted 305) so I’m working towards it. This isn’t some new move that was just introduced. We pick weight up and put it down every day!

I reflected on my years:

My 20’s – I ran every day. Sometimes twice a day. But I was never really in that much better shape than everyone else in their 20’s despite the fact that I had run multiple marathons.
My 30’s – Had 2 kids and gained significant weight while pregnant but managed to lose it fairly quickly with diet and exercise. Started running again but still no resistance training. Nothing really set me apart from other women my age other than some women hadn’t lost baby weight.
My 40’s – Lots of weight training, metcons, focused on lifting. This is when I should really start to notice the difference between me and other men and women my age who don’t weight train. Can they do a muscle-up? Probably not. Can they deadlift twice their body weight? Can they run a mile in under 7 minutes?
My 50’s – Now we’re talking. Hopefully I’ve continued my weight training and still have significant body strength compared to others my age. Ever seen someone in their 50’s that is lean and lifts weights. They stand out, right? I want to be that person!
My 60’s – The time frame that I wish I would have worked with my mom on weight training. She would have benefited so much. Osteoporosis would have been delayed or potentially prevented. Maybe she wouldn’t have gotten diabetes despite that fact that she wasn’t that heavy.

You get the point. We need to lift weights! Don’t avoid it. This is what will separate you from the rest of the population. I don’t know about you but I want to be one of the strong ones. Don’t talk to me about being skinny…. we deserve more than skinny!

Workout of the Day:
A: Deadlift

B: 50 Doubles
50 Deadlifts
50 Doubles
40 HR Push-ups
50 Doubles
30 DB Snatch (Alt)
50 Doubles
200m Run
50 Doubles
100m OH Walking Lunge