The Happenings… Mostly About the Nutrition Challenge

cpm360 Nutrition Challenge…

Here is the breakdown of our upcoming challenge.

Before and After Pics

One of the main ways we measure results in this challenge is before and after pics. Why? Because the pics don’t lie. You can cheat results. The more you put into this challenge the more it will show on the camera. Don’t worry the pictures are totally confidential and will not be posted anywhere but for your eyes only. 

Before pics: September 21st (before pics must be taken by Friday Sept 27th to be eligible). No before pic, no eligibility to win.

After Pics: November 6th (the last day to take your after pictures). No after pic. No dice for a chance to win.


After the before and after pics are taken the coaches will pick the top 3 best pics and those participants are considered the finalists.

All of the participants will then meet November 16th and cast their vote for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place to determine the winners.

Food Logs

We are setting up a google groups and each participant will be required to set up a special challenge gmail account specifically for this challenge. We can help if you need assistance. We will then send you detailed instructions on how to access and complete your food log. Your food log is to be completed by Friday night or you subject to get DQ’d from the challenge.

Weekly Meetings

Every Monday during the challenge we will holding weekly meetings to educate, motivate and empower you not only how to win this challenge but continue to WIN for the rest of your lives. Meeting will be from 7:45p to 8:30p. This is honestly the heart of the challenge. You will get so much from each meeting. Annie and I have run 6 challenges in the past and every single winner from every single challenge has come to 90% of the meetings. We will have an outline at the first meeting of all the meetings. Plan ahead these meetings are worth it!

Other Important info and benefits:

EXTRA CLASS PER WEEK THROUGHOUT THE CHALLENGE! Yep, every participant in the challenge receives an extra class each week for the 7 weeks. If your membership is 3x/wk it is now 4! 2x/wk now equals 3x/wk… Now that is worth the entry fee alone:-)

The cost is $60. Our goal is to have you step into the challenge as one person and finish the challenge a completely different person (hence the name cpm360:-). Imagine a more confident, educated, leaner, stronger, happier, more motivated and on your way (if not already there) in the BEST SHAPE of your LIFE!


Separate announcement: Supplement Pre-Order

We sent an email out Monday evening regarding our 1st Pre-Order through Stronger Faster Healthier. We will be able to reserve your order for Fish Oil (lemon, tangerine, mint, chocolate, vanilla), post workout recovery (natural, vanilla and chocolate and pure whey (same flavors as post workout). We are placing an order next Friday September 13th.

Today’s Workout:

A. Skill/Strength
Hollow Hold

B. For Time:
10 Rounds of:
12 Pull Ups
    12 Burpees

Post by Chris.