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CPM360 Nutrition Challenge

You know the details from last week’s POST. You know the why from this POST. It’s go time.

Here are the highlights:

*$60 entry fee.
*You receive an EXTRA CLASS EVERY WEEK for the length of the challenge.
*SAVE YOUR MONDAY NIGHTS: Every Monday from 745p – 830p is our weekly meeting packed with TONS of education, tips, tricks on how to make it applicable to your life (This is the meat and potato’s of the challenge).
*Winners for 1st, 2nd, 3rd place as well as Spirit of the Challenge.
*Cash and Great sponsor prizes weekly and for the winners.

Supplement Pre-Order(s)

SFH Supplements

This Friday at 2p we will be placing a SFH order for Fish Oil, Post Workout and Pure Whey Protein.

Check out the Benefits for them:

Jump Rope

We will also be placing a pre order on jump ropes September 20th. An email was sent to you this afternoon. Check your inbox and reply with your preference.

Today’s Workout:

4 Sets:
5-7 Push Press
30 Sec Rest
10 x Double Kettlebell Front Rack Squats
30 x Sec Rest
10 x Ring Rows (Palms facing in)
30 x Sec Rest

B.  For time: 4 sets:
500M Row/400m Run/50 – 100 Double Unders

Post by Chris.
Rest 4 Mins between sets