The Long Road Leads to Success …

This past weekend my husband and i went to see the movie “Selma”. It was a film about the journey of Dr. Martin Luther King campaigning and securing the rights of voting equality in Alabama.

This first of all was a fantastic movie, that I would highly recommend!

The main theme throughout the movie was no matter what obstacles, scenarios, bright shiny objects, never lose sight of the mission!

Martin Luther King was just a normal man who made it his mission and passion to make a difference in this world; make a positive change for equality!

This was a 13 year process that obviously was successful from the daily tasks that were done day in and day out for the long-term success.

In order to make a big impact it is the small steps each day that are really going to make an impact!

I draw a picture and literally look at it everyday. This way when I want to get distracted, let fear prohibit be from growth, or just pure laziness I am more focused on my mission which over powers the other road blocks.

We were all put on this earth to contribute something .. some will be remembered in our history books, while others will make an impact locally and in your community.

Take a stand for what you believe and fulfill your passion each day CPM’ers.

From a young child I can always remember wanting to make my mission about “leaving a legacy”. My legacy is to empower men and women of all ages to feel the best they can through nutrition, fitness, and overall wellness.

What Legacy do you want to Stand for CPM?

Post Your Answers in the comments below …


The O-Board Says…

Buy In; Acc 5 min HS/Plank

2 Rounds:
40 toes to bar
30 box jumps
20 kb (or db snatch)

Cash Out: Acc 5 min Bar Hang

Posted by: Annie