The Mod Squad…and breathe

The Mod Squad…and breathe

Inhale, Exhale, what was I doing again?

Today we are taking the Mod Squad way back to basics. We are all about breathing. Breathing is something we do all day, everyday without even thinking much about it.  That is until we get to our yoga class.  As a teacher I always try to get my class focused and conscious of their breathing before we even start moving into poses. What does focusing on our breathing even mean?

Often we connect movement to our breath in an attempt to help us be aware of our body and what we are doing and how our body is moving.  I like to start my yoga classes with some simple breathing exercises to get us all away from our shallow normal breathing and really expand the lungs and give them a bit of a workout. Breathing is also such a great way to allow ourselves to relax, calm down and chill.

Today’s video will walk you through a couple types of breathing exercises. Both can be used during class to help you get the most from your experience.  I hope this allows you a chance to really think about how you breathe during your next yoga session.

Don’t forget!! Office hours with Lisa on Saturday, November 18th at 10:30 (after yoga).  Come for class and stay for some knowledge bombs!

The O-Board Says…

Part A
Deadlift build up
Part B
Every 3 mins for 15 min
20 sit ups
15 step ups
10 deadlifts
MAX double under