The Mod Squad – Challenge your Movement

The Mod Squad – Challenge your Movement

Up your Down Dog game, try Dolphin!


This week we have a great pose break down, let me introduce you to Dolphin. This is a great pose to open up the shoulders, stretch into the hamstrings and give some attention to our low back.

Dolphin is a great pose to not only incorporate into your yoga practice (great option to down dog), but can be a great stretch to sneak in before or after a workout. Since it hits so many of our most common tight spots, I encourage you to try this.


Few pointers to get the most out of this pose:

1. Keep your shoulders in line with your elbows.

2. Think of pushing your chest back toward your legs.

3. Hips up (this will help you get the most bang for your hamstring stretch buck).

Check out the video and challenge your movement!




The O-Board Says…

“Tabata Barbell”
Tabata Deadlift
Tabata Hang Clean
Tabata Front Squat
Tabata Push Press
**rest 1 minute between exercises**