The Mod Squad – Good Foundations

The Mod Squad – Good Foundations

Let’s talk feet…

Now I know that sometimes feet can cause a major ewww factor for some people but power through this because the end result will be worth it.  Today we are talking about two of our most important appendages and some ways we can start to treat them right.  We don’t always put as much focus on our feet in yoga as we probably do on our other body parts, but there is definitely more we can do to help these guys out!

I have had a couple of people ask me recently for yoga moves to help sore feet so I put together a couple of suggestions that everybody can start doing to give those feet a break.  There is an on the mat option and some great alternatives to be able to sneak the moves into your everyday life.  NO excuses now!!

Don’t forget, this Saturday is Office Hours with Lisa!  Have a burning yoga question, looking for help on a specific move, or maybe you just want some suggestions for stretches you can do at home.  Stick around after class for a chance to get all your questions answered!  Feel free to email me a ahead of time to make sure I can get your question answered.



The O-Board Says…

Part A Core Up
for 10 minutes (30 sec on, 30 sec off)
ODD: Hollow Hold
EVEN: Arch Hold

Part B
For Time:
BUY IN: 600m run
15 Pull Ups (C2B)
25 KB swings
15 Sumo Deadlift High Pulls
CASH OUT: 600m run