The Mod Squad – Healthy Holidays

The Mod Squad – Healthy Holidays

Happy Holidays!


This is a busy time of year for most of us. Work, school, family are all pulling us in so many different directions that it can be hard to take time for ourselves.  It can also mean eating treats we normally wouldn’t and traveling to see family and friends.  This week’s video is here to save your holiday!

I have put together a series of poses to help everyone spending long amounts of time in a car or plane or just sitting more than usual.  Plus, BONUS, many of these moves will also help us with our digestion.  Amazing, once a year treats are all around us and sometimes we enjoy more than we usually would.  I am here to help keep you feeling great, inside and out!

The beauty of these moves is you don’t have to do them all together but can pick and choose what poses you need to feel good.  This allows you a chance to treat yourself this holiday season by giving you a breather to keep you happy and healthy this holiday season.


The O-Board Says…

12 Days of Christmas
2 Pistols
3 Sit to stand
4 Box Jumps
5 double wallball
6 KB swings
7 Power Cleans
8 wtd Walking Lunge
9 Burpee pullup
10 DB Thrusters
11 Man makers
12 Cal row