The Mod Squad – Let’s Stretch!

The Mod Squad – Let’s Stretch!

Help me move again!

I really enjoy Bring a Friend Week at CPM.  I love getting to see the new faces and new energy coming into the gym.  Plus it is always fun the see members coaching and cheering on friends and family as they navigate through these new workouts.

While these new workouts are fun and exciting, they can also help us find some muscles we didn’t know could get sore.  I want everybody to get the most out of this week and keep coming back so today’s video is designed to stretch our whole body and get us ready to #get2thegym!

Feeling a little stiff, sore or just need a stretch break, check out this week’s video for a quick 10 minute flow to keep everything moving.


We have an extra yoga class this weekend.  In honor of Bring a Friend Week we are going end things on a zen note.  Join me at 8:30 a.m. at CPMFITness 2.0 (downtown).  I have a wonderful, relaxing class planned.  It will be a great way to end your weekend and get you ready for another week!



The O-Board Says…

A 0-6 minutes
500m row
40 DB weighted lunge
B 6-12 minutes
3 rounds:
10 DB snatch
20 double unders
C 12-18 minutes
500m run
40 DB weighted lunges