The Mod Squad – Summer Stretching

The Mod Squad – Summer Stretching

Sun and Stretching!

It is that wonderful time of year where we spend more time outside. Between ball games, lake days and even yardwork, stretching is so important to keeping your summer pain free. Who wants to miss out on water skiing or that amazing hike because you can’t move!

This summer I will be bringing you videos to help you get the most out of your summer activities and keep you limber and moving so that you can keep enjoying everything!

Today’s video has some quick hip and chest stretches that you can do while the kids play at the park, during a break on your evening walk or even to get a quick shot of sun at work.


What’s your favorite summer activity CPM?  Have an activity you would like to see featured with some yoga stretches, well let me know at!


The O-Board Says…

Part A
Odd: 45 sec KB swing
Even: 45 sec Hollow Hold
Part B
4 Rope Climbs (2 each)
40 Box Jumps (20 each)
4-200m sprints (2 each)