The Mod Squad – Up Dog/Down Dog

The Mod Squad – Up Dog/Down Dog

These moves aren’t just for yoga!


Up Dog and Down Dog are great moves to incorporate into your everyday stretching routine.


Up Dog can be especially useful to open up the low back, something we all need after sitting for too long.  A couple of good points to remember:

1. Open up your chest and keep your shoulders away from your ears (this will help you get the most from the stretch).

2. Want to get a little deeper into the low back, try looking back over your shoulder.  Don’t rush the movement and challenge yourself to look back at your heel.


Down Dog is generally considered a resting pose (don’t laugh), so use it as such.  This move is great to loosen up the shoulders and to show some love to our calves and hamstrings.  Some great pointers for Down Dog:

1. Think of trying to create an upside down V. You want your hips up toward the ceiling and your arms and legs strong.

2. Get the most bang for your shoulder stretch buck by not rounding your back and keeping your shoulders down.

3.  Keep moving in this pose.  I always like bicycle my heels down toward the mat.  This lets me loosen up my calves/hamstrings. Or maybe you keep your knees bent.


Challenge yourself to find something in each of the poses to work on and see how much this can help.  Ready to try this out? It is time to hit one of our many yoga classes to put this into action.

Is there a stretch or a yoga pose you want to learn more about?  Well now is your chance to see your suggestion as our next Mod Squad post, email me at!



The O-Board Says…

E(1M)OTM 6 minutes
12 burpees
E(2M)OTM 6 minutes
200m run + 15 KB SDLHP
-rest 1 minute-
E(1M)OTM 6 minutes
13/11 cal row
E(2M)OTM 6 minutes
20 wall balls + 15 wb sit ups