The New Diet…. Week 2

The New Diet…. Week 2

No Cheats… Not Yet Anyway!

I learned a lot during my first week on my new nutrition plan. Some good, some bad, some just extremely challenging. I’ll break it down for you:

  • Counting macros (Challenging) – Trying to calculate my protein, carbs and fat had my head spinning! Fortunately, prepping during week 2 has been WAY easier. I just needed to be patient and figure it out.
  • Egg whites (Bad) – I’m used to eating farm fresh eggs from our neighbors. So buying eggs whites made my heart break and they don’t taste nearly as good. I’ve figured out a way to get whole eggs into some of my meals and that makes me happy 🙂
  • Weight loss (Good) – I quickly dropped some weight on this diet and can already see a change around my mid-section. This isn’t unusual for me though. Anytime I clean up my diet, I quickly drop some pounds.
  • Temptations (Bad) – From Pizza Ranch pizza and dessert pizza at Sunday (Wednesday) School to cupcakes for Richard’s birthday, I had some serious temptations this week. Would you believe I resisted them? Well I did. And the reason I resisted is because I have to blog about this! I figure I better stick to the diet otherwise my results will be skewed. Think back to chemistry days…. I need to control the variables when possible.
  • Bedtime Snack (Good and Bad) – This diet allows me to have protein, carbs and fat at bedtime. Whether I’m having paleo cereal, english muffins or bananas, I really look forward to this! However, I’ve noticed the carbs in my body at night do not make me feel good. Sugar has a big affect on my heart rate and how I feel in the morning. So my bedtime snack has to be low in sugar and carbs. I’m so sad 🙁 I was also drinking Casein protein shakes. Turns out my body will not tolerate this protein. So whey it is!
  • Carbs (Bad) – Speaking of english muffins…. I get to have good carbs on this diet. Included are whole wheat bread, oatmeal and rice. These are things I haven’t eaten regularly in a LONG time and while I was enjoying them on this diet, I’ve figured out that they don’t make me feel good. So I’m going back to my paleo ways and using sweet potatoes as my carbs for most meals. They fill me up and make me feel good. Love sweet potatoes!
  • Workout Shake (Good) – I’m scheduled to have some good carbs in the form of sugar with my protein shake before and during my workout. I’ve been using coconut water with my SFH shake and I feel great during the workouts!

So as you can see, so far this diet is about even with “Goods” and “Bads”. BUT I’m leaning up and figuring things out. I actually think it’s going to turn into all “Goods” now 🙂 I’m really enjoying it and excited to see where it takes me over the next 11 weeks. Easter is coming this weekend. My plan is to allow myself a little dessert in place of some of my carbs that day. Wish me luck!



The O-Board Says…

For Time:
1k Row
25 Pullup
7 Push Jerk