The New Year Means New Members!

The New Year Means New Members!

How To Transition into the CPM Community

The start of the new year means you will see some new faces at CPM. There are things you can do to make their transition into CPM gym life a good one. Or maybe you are the new member…. I’ve got tips for you too 🙂

Current Members:

  • Introduce yourself – It’s a small gesture but it can make someone feel very welcome in class.
  • Chat with them a little – Try to get to know the new member. It can be tough to be standing in a class full of people especially when everyone is engaged in conversation except for you.
  • Lift with them or partner up with them – Power clean build-up in Part A? Perfect. Partner with the newbie and give them some tips!
  • Encourage them – Remember your first workouts at CPM? Not easy, right? Show the new members some encouragement by cheering them on!
  • Help them out – Perhaps our fun little acronyms are throwing them for a loop. Explain the EMOTM or AMRAP.
  • Just be nice – Yes, we know you are amazing at pull-ups or that you run like a gazelle. That’s awesome. But sometimes you need to take a step back and realize that killing a workout doesn’t have to be your first priority. Settle down and give the newbie a little attention!

New Members:

  • Scale – Please!! Don’t be afraid to modify a movement or scale down in weight. Your transition into CPM will take some time. Take it easy!
  • Introduce yourself – Yes, you need to do this too. CPM members are friendly and they are excited to meet you!
  • Ask questions – Ask coaches or members when you need help. Don’t be afraid… no question is stupid. Ok, well 99% of the questions aren’t stupid 😉
  • Stretch – Don’t be afraid to show up for class early or stay late to stretch. Ask your coach for some good stretches if you aren’t sure what to do.
  • Check the WODS the night before – We post our workouts to Facebook, Istagram and our website the night before. Read the blog, check the workout and research movements. A quick online video can help a lot!

We’ve got some awesome workouts coming your way. Get ready to get fit! Happy 2017!



The Oboard Says…
Part A.
EMOTM for 10min
ODD: 10 Side Plank Ups
EVEN: 10 KB Windmills
Part B.
3 Rounds for Time:
20 Pushups
25 Deck Squats
30 DB Shoulder to Overhead
400m Run
Posted by: Emily