The Next Best Diet 😁

The Next Best Diet 😁

It’s a common question: What’s the best diet? Is it Paleo? Keto? Mediterranean? Intermittent fasting? If you would have asked me a year ago, I may have had a strong opinion on one of the above, however since diving into The Precision Nutrition Certification my mindset has shifted. I don’t believe there is a best diet for every person to follow, always, and forever.

I understand that people are busy, overwhelmed with work and home life and it would easier to have someone tell you what to do. But this approach fails to consider several important factors such as body type, availability of certain foods, budgets, our palates, and our crazy schedules, just to name a few.

Diets, like underwear should not be labeled ‘one size fits all’ 😳. What works for one person may not work for you. Each of us brings unique challenges and goals. It’s about creating strategies to fit our personal lifestyle. A healthy diet should be enjoyable and sustainable.

Here is what I can tell you.

Most effective nutrition plans are more similar than different.
• They get you to pay attention to what you are eating
• They recommend eating whole, minimally processed, nutrient-rich foods
• They help control appetite by eating better quality foods which means we start to feel better and stay fuller longer
• They promote regular exercise

So, instead of jumping onto the next diet trend, maybe start with the basics. Figure out your goals. What are you looking to accomplish? And remember the best diet to follow is the one that is best for YOU!


Part A: KB Complex:
6 KB Deadlifts
6 KB Swings
3 KB Snatch each arm

Part B:
For Time:
50 cal Row
– Double KB Swing
– T2B
Then…50 Cal Row

Posted by: Nicole