The Nutrient Necessities

The Nutrient Necessities

Food is more than fuel. Food provides energy but also includes micronutrients. These vitamins and minerals play an important role. Without them your body does not work properly. You feel rotten. You get sick. No matter how much fuel is in the tank.

My diet consists of whole, minimally processed, nutrient-rich foods. My palate likes variety, which is essential to a healthy diet. But I am a realist. Life happens and there is no guarantee that each day the food going in will meet all the needs of my body. I also suffer from autoimmunity. My body works hard to fight my daily toxic burden, recover from chronic stress and reduce inflammation as my system attacks it’s own tissues. This is where supplementation use comes into play for me.

Here is a list of my supplement regimen:

1) Omega-3 – Fish Oil helps reduce inflammation and is good for the brain and heart
2) Magnesium – I once read, “Without it, there is not life.” It’s a key player in 300 essential body functions and used by all of our organs. It’s also necessary to regulate our stress response.
3) Vitamin D3 – this is the miracle vitamin. It enables every cell in our bodies to do its work. It also helps with depression and elevates mood.
4) Probiotics – 80% of our immune system is located in our gut. Probiotics help keep my gut happy.😊
5) Antioxidants
o Vitamin C – helps control inflammation and cellular damage
o Protandim – reduces oxidative stress caused by free radicals
6) Collagen – my favorite part of the day starts with my morning coffee and a scoop of collagen and ghee. Collagen is the “glue” that helps hold the body together!
7) B-Complex – keeps me energized throughout the day and my mood in check
8) BCAA’s – exercise fuel, this gives me my super powers 💪🏽for workouts

Bottom line…supplements are not intended to replace food. Continue to nourish and support your body with nutrient-rich foods that you need, and give it a boost with supplements as needed.


A. EMOTM 10min
ODD: 20 Wt OH Situps
EVEN:20 Side Arch Up’s

For Time
Double Unders
KB Swings
*15 Ring Rows after each round*

posted by: Nicole Z