The Old “I’m Too Busy” Line

You Know That Person Who’s Just Always Busy?

I had this friend right after I got out of college, and the guy was a special case.  He seemed like he was always frantically doing things and just never had a free second.  He’d complain continually about how busy he was, how there just wasn’t enough time to get everything done.

Personally, I think he created this sense of urgency and busy-ness and projected it on himself so that he would make other people believe he was a busy, really important person.  Maybe you know or have met someone like this.  Maybe you yourself are like this.

I’d like to suggest that we aren’t as busy as we may think we are and offer a quick way to check yourself.

The Clock

When I think of a busy guy, I think of Elon Musk.  Give him a Google if you wish, he’s worth reading about because he’s impressive.  He’s the guy who runs the company (the private company) that contracts with Nasa to re-supply the International Space Station.  He’s also the guy who runs the company that is building the first truly electric automobile (Tesla Motors) and doing a pretty good job at each.  As you can imagine, he’s probably pretty busy.

Do you know what though?  He gets the same 24 hours in every day that we all get.  His clock is no different than ours.  So what’s his deal?

He’s mastered time management and time manipulation.  He knows:
a) what to spend time on (what’s important)
b) how much time to spend (the minimum effective amount before moving on)

Time Study

When I was an engineer, one of my supervisors made me do time studies on the production rates of the crews I managed.  For a couple of weeks I literally watched and recorded activity and time taken.  Although I thought this “time study” business was dumb initially, after a couple weeks I realized that my crews were spending A LOT of time doing stuff that WAS NOT getting the job done.  Stuff I could get other crews to do, that was just unnecessary, or that didn’t even need to be done yet.

What Gets Measured Gets Managed

It’s rumored that guy Elon Musk loves him some lists (shocking right?).  I would bet that to get as good at time management as he has, he’s spent some time doing time studies.

Try it out yourself.  I would suggest just writing down everything you do and the time it takes in a notebook for 1 or 2 weeks.  How long do you spend getting ready in the morning?  How long do you sleep?  How long did you stare at your computer screen without doing anything (it’s cool, we all do this)?

You will likely see some patterns.  You’re also going to be surprised by the time you spend doing stuff that isn’t important to you.  Seriously, try it.

Course Correct

Decide what’s important to you.  Then move the important stuff into the spaces you’re using for stuff you really don’t care about.

Remember, you get 24 hours every day just like everybody else.  It is our job to use that 24 hours on what is important to us!

Now if you’ll excuse me…….I have to go work out 🙂

The O-Board Says…

“Batman and Robin”
Team of 2 – 20 Minute AMRAP

Partner A: 400m Sprint while
Partner B: Power Cleans
(each partner runs once, score is # of cleans)


Partner A: 400m Sprint while
Partner B: Back Squat from Floor
(each partner runs once, score is # of back squat)


Partner A: 400m Sprint while
Partner B: Burpees
(each partner runs once, score is # of Burpees)

If you both get through the burpees in 20minutes, start back at the cleans and work through again until 26 minute cap.

Post by Stets.