The Perfect “Sock” For Your Sport …

The Perfect “Sock” For Your Sport …

For most of us socks seem so simplistic, so why is choosing the right one so daunting?

Here is a great guide to choosing the perfect sock for your sport! Now you will be able to feel the most comfort all while getting a kick-butt workout!

#1 CPM Classes: I suggest “Skins” it is a high-compression sock that is required for specific muscle groups to aid in comfort and prevent injury. You can purchase these at Swim Outlet – $50

#2 Weightlifting: Many of my clients complain of cuts and bruises after lifting, so here is a great sock from 5.11 Tatical that will eliminate this problem. – $12

#3 Cycling: Here is a great cycling sock that will allow your foot to maintain stability and not slide around in your shoe. Pearl Izumi Attack Sock – $13

#4 Running: So many of us have such problems finding the perfect running socks (especially in the heat). They are either too low and cause blisters, or too high and slip down. Here is a comfortable, enjoyable, and affordable running sock – North Face Arnuva Quarter Sock – $15

#5 The Everyday Gym Sock: This is the perfect sock for a typical routine done at gym. The New Balance Enhanced Sock – $12 (3 pack)

#6 Hiking: Here is a great trail sock, that will keep you feeling comfortable and durable throughout your scenic adventure. Point 6 Merino Tech Sock – $14

#7 High Impact Sports – For your athletes that are doing a sport where you get that heart-rate through the roof and have the sweat to prove it, here is the best sock for you. The Wigwam Sock keeps your feet dry, and aids in blister avoidance. Wigwam – $14

#8 Snow Sports – Here is a great sock that keeps your feet feeling all warm and cozy while in the frozen tundra. Smart Wool Sock – $20

Now you can feel comfortable and enjoy your sport all at the same time!

3….2…..1…. SOCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

The O-Board Says…

A. Amrap 15
20 pushups
50 squats

Then …

B. Amrap 15
200 Meter Farmer Carry
50 Double Unders

Posted by: Annie