the Power List

the Power List

If you’re like me you wake up everyday with 1000s of thoughts, ideas and things on your mind. Or if you not, you wake up bored, lethargic and not so pumped up.

Either way we as human beings crave direction and structure to our day.

Last week I touched on a few things on why people end up un-successful with their New Year’s goals. In particular, #1) No routine, #3 Poorly Defined, #4) Too Many Goals. If that is the case with you allow me to introduce to you, The POWER List.

The Power List was introduced to me in a podcast by Andy Frascilla in this Episode (LINK) <go to min 43-48min>

“Your Day is Your Life”

We get in life what we do daily, good or bad. We can wish, hope, dream a better life but in reality your life becomes the collections of daily actions you repeat. And our actions are a direct result of what our minds are paying attention too.

The Power List is a daily list of Critical Tasks that when accomplished will move you closer to your desired outcome. It needs to be anything important to you; I break it down into the 5 F’s…. Faith, Family (and Friends), Fitness, Finances, and Fun. Write an action that will serve one of those areas and do it… DAILY!

Here are the rules….

-Write it down on a piece of paper or journal. (good ole’ pen or pencil)
-Make it Measure-able (20 min of stretching or 100 oz of water)
-It can’t be something you already do daily. (brushing your teeth)
-The List can change and will evolve. If something is not working try something else.
-Once a certain task hits 21 days in a row, it’s off the list. (official habit)
-Your goal is to achieve all 5 tasks ASAP (as soon as possible) during the day. When accomplished write a BIG “W” on the page, you’ve Won the day! Ultimate goal is to get AMWAP (As Many W’s As Possible) FOREVER 😉


-Have a Humble Heart going into this. You will not be perfect. Failure will happen and could happen a lot (esp in the beginning). It’s about progress and humility. You are learning about your life through practice. The mental muscle can be MORE challenging than the physical muscle to train.
-ASAP; (As Simple As Possible). Don’t over-do it or over-think it. Remember we OVER-estimate what we can do in a month and under-Estimate what we can do in a year.
-AMAP; (As Measurable As Possible). Our brain needs direction and specificity. Get it a metric, number, limit, etc….
-Find Accountability. Find someone you see as responsible and who you trust to share this with. If you can explain it and they understand and believe you, then your chances of success will multiply!
-Make it a BIG Deal. The more serious you take this the more serious you will do it! Protect yourself from options, excuses, justification, wiggle room, etc… Post on Social Media, make a bet, have a reward, pay a coach (investment). Find out how you can up the game so you up your game.

I have and will continue to be posting my power list daily to my instagram, @mr.cpm follow me and do the same for you!

The O-Board Says…

Part A:
Death by 10 m

Part B:
4 Rounds
20 DB Squat Cleans
75 Doubles
*(Doubles scale to 50 then 30 reps we encourage you to try them!)

Post by Chris; follow me on snapchat; mr_cpm