The Power of a Partner

The Power of a Partner

I’ve Said It Before…

And I’ll say it again. Workouts are much more fun with a partner. Whether it’s your best friend, someone you met at the gym, spouse, son, daughter, parent… we are always motivated to work harder and #get2thegym if we are planning to workout with a partner.

I partnered with Brooke and Missy last Saturday morning for a killer workout. I worked 10 times harder than I would have on my own. #1, I wasn’t planing to workout. #2, they squat so fast that I felt like I had to go harder and faster to keep up. #3, it’s just want more fun to do it with them than by myself.

Bring a Friend Week is coming up in September. Who will you bring? A family member that could use some guidance in exercise and nutrition? A co-worker that sits at a desk all day? A friend that has hit a rough spot in life and could use something to boost their mood? Or maybe one of each? ?  Regardless, know that your introduction of CPM into their lives can have a HUGE impact on the future of their health and fitness.

Just for fun, I thought I would highlight some of the fun gym buddies that I get to coach throughout the week. People don’t always realize that they have a gym buddy but you probably have one and you don’t even know it ?

  • Joe and Nancy – These two consistently show up at 5 am Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I’m not sure both of them actually have to workout at 5 am but this power couple shows up together every time!
  • April and Molly – Again, 5 am. These people are dedicated!
  • Kerri and Bobbi – Good friends that hit the gym regardless of whether their gym buddy will be around or not BUT in hopes that they both are attending the same class.
  • Gregg and Matt – This 6:30 team likes to throw in a sit-up finisher every week.
  • Karen and Heidi – Before Heidi left for college, this mother/daughter duo was working out together 3 mornings each week. Karen is an awesome role model for her daughter ?
  • The noon crew – Pretty much everybody is a buddy. A very social group indeed.
  • Cory and Phil… Cory and Paul…. Cory and BK (pre-departure). Umm… Cory??? ?

I know there are tons and tons of gym buddies at CPM that I’m not even aware of! So if you’ve got another potential #gymbuddy or just someone in mind that could benefit from CPM, bring them in for Bring a Friend Week. It starts Monday, September 18th!



The O-Board Says…

5 Round Fridays
Part A
Windshield Wipers
Wall Balls

Part B
“Abmat Hanson”
5 rounds for time:
30 Russian KB Swings
30 Burpees
30 Abmat situps