The New Rule of Success

The New Rule of Success

Many years ago, Jim Rohn said you are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. I agree, I’ve written about it, Identity and Associations. While it is true that who you listen, hang, watch, and learn from are critical to the way you think, behave and excel in life. This rule of thumb has it flaws… I spend the most time with wife, dog, our coaches and members at CPM. According to Jim Rohn that is the destination of where my net worth is headed. But what if it’s something else that determines who you become and where you are going?

The New Rule of Success = “You are the average of the 5 actions you take every day.”

“Are you drinking coke, slamming burgers, watching TV, scrolling your Facebook new feed at work and putting off projects that need to be done? Or do you wake up early, hit the gym (#get2thegym), drink tons of water, consistently doing positive work?

Average actions lead to average results. And truth be told, human being are NOT built for average. We are designed for GREATNESS! We’ve all had great days, when everything clicks, we feel great, we eat great, we are excited and happy. I bet if you took an honest look at that day you took great actions. And when we’ve had average (or below) days they have included, guilt, excuses, justifications and overwhelment.

Here are the 5 actions I’m taking Today;

1). Read. Currently I am wrapping up a great one, Perfect Day Formula. I listen to it on my phone through Everyday I listen to books or podcasts while driving, at the gym or in my home.

2). Mobility. Everyday I’m moving my body. Mobility (more than stretching) is a key ingredient to longer life and feeling better. Here is my coach, BodyFlexx

3). Coaching and Meetings. Teaching classes this morning. Sales meeting and one more class to coach in the afternoon. I always leave the gym PUMPED no matter who my day had started. Leading, motivating sharing always snaps me in a good mood or a great mood by the end of the day!

4). Date Night. Annie and I work and live together. But our schedules can get crazy (#crayCray) throughout the week. We learned in 2005 that having a weekly date night is a game changer for marriages. We’ve never missed a week:)

5). Contacting. Everyday I’m on text, phone, one of the social media(s) checking up members, prospects, old clients or friends.


What are the 5 actions you are taking today to secure your future? Be it health, career, relationships or personal fulfillment? Are making results or excuses? You will never get back Wednesday, December 21st, 2016 again.

You can direct your life towards your goals and your dreams. Make a commitment. When you FULLY commit you get creative and make things happen in your life. When you FULLY commit you will look at yourself and your life differently.

This time of the year is probably the greatest season to take an honest hard look at yourself to see what you’ve become and make a commitment to where you are going…

And when in doubt just #get2thegym

The O-Board Says…

A. Push Press 2-2-2-2-2

B. 5 rounds for time:
6 Shoulder to OverHead
9 Bar Over Burpees
100m Farmer’s Walk

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