The Secret to the Slimdown

The Secret to the Slimdown

Whole Life Challenge 2017

It’s our first challenge of 2017 and it’s a great one!

Follow these simple steps to join us in this challenge:

  1. WHOLE LIFE CHALLENGE – Everything you need to know about the Whole Life Challenge can be found here.
  2. REGISTER – This is a direct link to Whole Life Challenge registration page. Click it and sign up today!
  3. Join Our Team – After registration, search for our team page: CPMFITness. Invite your friends, neighbors and family to join our team also. They do not need to be CPM members to participate.

The CPM Supa Doopa Tracksuit Bowling Party!

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It’s No Secret… Is It?

As CPM members, we know the secret to 6 pack abs. Clean eating. That’s where it’s at. Are the workouts necessary? Absolutely. Without the workouts, your clean eating will just get you a skinny little body. And that’s not what we want… right? Well, it’s not what I want. I want the muscle 🙂

Do you know people or have friends that try to exercise their way out of a bad diet? Even if you could do that, it’s not practical long-term. My vacation is quickly approaching so I ramped up my diet by cutting out the dairy, gluten, etc. Would you believe I drop 7 pounds in one week? I’m not kidding you. And what that tells me is that my body is inflamed from eating processed food. But to get the 6 pack, you have to be strict. And you have to want it BAD! But you don’t have to exercise 3 times a day. That’s a bad habit. Don’t do it!

Truth be told, I go through phases of caring and not caring throughout the year. And honestly, I’ve grown to be ok with that. I want to eat cake on occasion or drink a foo-foo coffee drink. But I don’t lose control and I get back into a phase of clean eating before things get out of hand. It’s a great compromise for me.

Good luck on your conquest for the sexy 6 pack. CPM is here to help you achieve it!


The Oboard Says…
Partner WOD
400m MedBall Run Together
75 Deadlifts
150 wall balls (partner in squat hold)
200 sit ups (partner in plank hold)
100 push ups (partner in superman hold)
400m Medball Run Together
Posted by: Emily