The ‘Situation’

Jackie is an uncomfortable:-0

Do you take control of ‘the situation’?


Do you let ‘the situation’ take control over you?

Here are a few real life examples: (not mine of course😉

Situation #1: 
“I can’t go that weekend…I have to work”
Real Problem:
-A job that is too demanding
-A social life that is too demanding
-Poor time management during the work week
HARD Questions
-What is more important to me – this job, or my friends/family?
-Where can I be more efficient to ensure my work is done during the week?
-How can I convince my boss to let me have weekends off?

Situation #2:
“I couldn’t stick to my diet…We went out for happy hour.”
REAL Problem:
-Friends/occasions that are out of line with your fitness goals
-A diet that is too strict
HARD Questions
-How important is this diet to me?
-Am I willing to give up certain drinks and food, or would I rather enjoy myself?
-Can I plan my social events around my diet?
-What would I have to give up instead?

Situation #3:
“I haven’t been working out…I’m too tired, since I haven’t been sleeping as much as I would like.”
REAL Problem:
-Poor time management
-Poor planning
-Incompatible lifestyles of staying up too late, and getting up too early.
HARD Questions
-Why am I staying up too late or getting up too early?
-How important are these activities to me?
-What activities am I will to give up to make my time more manageable?
-How important is working out to me? Is it a priority at this point in my life?

I find most of time people don’t plan or think ahead. Then all of a sudden they are caught in ‘the situation’ that is much harder to get pull yourself out of successfully.

Don’t let that be the issue. Ask the REAL questions, plan ahead and make it happen!