The Solution and the Problem are the Same Thing…

The Solution and the Problem are the Same Thing…

Have you ever heard of the person that won the lottery and ended up losing all of their fortune in the next couple of years?

How about the person that goes on a diet, loses 60 lbs and ends up gaining all the weight back?

Or the person that has been divorced multiple times?

We are just over 6 weeks into 2014. As history continues to repeat itself, isn’t it about this time of the year when all those people that made their ‘new year’s resolutions’ end up packing it in and stopping what they set out to do.

Are you that person? Have you continued to make goals (the same goals) in the past that you have not accomplished?

Until recently, I haven’t fully understood the REAL reason why we continue to fail at completing our goals. I thought it was poor planning, lack of discipline, letting the nay-sayers convince us otherwise, etc… Then I read a quote that opened my eyes to the truth.

“If you want have more… you have to become more. Success is NOT a doing process, it is a BECOMING process. What you do, what you pursue, will elude you — it can be like chasing butterflies. Success is something you attract by the person you become.” — Jim Rohn

I have always thought otherwise. Searching for ways to improve, ways to do more, get better. I believed, like most people, that to get better, I need to figure out what I needed to do better.

There is no secret what to do to get better and how to get it done. With all of the information available we can find out exactly how to lose that weight, exactly what it takes to make a million dollars, exactly how to improve any aspect of our lives.

So why aren’t we all ripped, happy, made of money and successful beyond our wildest dreams??

I see people all the time that say, “I want to lose weight”, “I want to get healthy”, so they join a gym (even our gym) or go on a DIET, and in the beginning they are doing great! Showing up for classes, eating healthy, losing weight, feeling better but then something familiar happens. They begin the good ol’ self sabotage…

So instead of working out 3x days a week, now it’s 2.
Then they get busy at work so they skip a week.
The results aren’t coming like they used too in the beginning so now they are less motivated then when they initially started.

So you let yourself off the hook…Once again!

And all of a sudden you look in the mirror and its 6 weeks, 6 months, HELL 6 years have gone by and you are stuck with the same problems…Once again!

Because instead of focusing on how to do it, we need to focus on who we need to BE to do it. By constantly working on improving ‘it’ (your goal), ‘it’ will continue to elude you. The reason why is because you will let all the things that have always stopped you continue to get in the way of you. Until you figure out that you must begin to work on YOU, ‘it’ will naturally rise to the level of the new you.

Your self identity works like a thermostat. Just like a thermostat in your room has a set point, you have your internal set point as well. Your current set point is based on exactly who you are today. Your set point is based on your past experiences and what you think and believe about yourself. No matter what temperature fluctuations occur, your internal thermostat will bring the room back to the set point. If its too hot, the air conditioning will kick on to cool it back down. The temperature drops below the set point, the heater will kick on to warm the room back up.

There is no difference in our own lives. Our self worth is our set point. If you view yourself as a low worth person, you have a low set point. If you value yourself highly, your set point is HIGH. What you achieve out of life will never be greater than what your set point is.

So how do you raise your set point?

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