“The Struggle is Real” 3 Ways to Attack it…

“The Struggle is Real” 3 Ways to Attack it…

Life is full of up’s and down’s. The up’s are AMAZING, the down’s are dreadful. We all go through them. I like to call the “down’s” the struggle.

Why am I NOT motivated to workout?
“I want too but I don’t have time too ____”
I’m eating clean… Why am I not losing weight?
Why am I so pissed off about life, friends, family, work, etc…

When we are deep in the struggle it can feel like we are all alone and don’t know what to do and that is true. But I can assure you it’s temporary and can be shorter or longer by the way you think, look and act about your struggles.


In the beginning of the struggle a lot of times you don’t know what you don’t know. My best advice on this is to just start asking yourself questions. The key is the more questions you ask the better the questions will start becoming. The truth is we all have the answers inside of us the problem is we are ready or willing to ask the best questions to unlock those true answers inside of us


Phase 2 is how we look at things. Perception is a funny thing every person can look at the same exact thing with a completely different viewpoint.

“Is the glass half full or half empty?”

How we view are body, diet, challenges, work, success, family, priorities is totally individualized to how we see things. I think we look at others and try to compare ourselves which is totally inaccurate and the easy way out. The point: don’t compare yourself to anyone or anything for the answers to what your “struggling” with. Search for your truth. Keep asking questions and soon enough you will find your truth, your answers.


I think we (I) think this is the hardest part about getting over your “struggle” When it is actually the easiest part once you know your truth. We think that taking action is the key to achievement and it is, but what if we are thinking and looking at our struggle the wrong way. Then no amount of action is going to make the real difference

Sound off in the comments if you are “struggling” with something or how you get over your struggles…

Today’s Workout is…

A: Weighted Step Ups:
B: 3-Rounds for Time:
20 Wallballs
20 Burpees
200m Run
Rest 2-minutes after each Round

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