The Successful Struggle Too…

The Successful Struggle Too…

A member/friend of mine sent me this post on ESPN. (written last year)

For all of you sports fans, the NBA Finals have been on your radar the last week and a half. Basketball was my first love. I don’t watch or read as much about it as I have in the past, but I make sure I watch the championship series every year.

Stephan Curry is the current king of the NBA. He has lead his team to this years Finals, yet again, and captures the leagues Most Valuable Player award, yet again-again:). Four years ago, he was not near the player he is today. Curry struggled with severe ankle injuries.

A few takeaways from the article: 

*Don’t just look at the finished product. We see Steph Curry on TV doing unbelievable things on the court and think he is just lucky, born with the talent. What we don’t see if the struggle behind the scenes and how Curry had struggled with injuries throughout the beginning of his career. He had to work like crazy to get myself healthy and more so to stay healthy.

*It’s not always the obvious. Curry’s ankle problems were not because of his ankles. It was a result because he didn’t use his hips. Sometimes we focus on the problem and we don’t see the solution. When you aren’t solving your problem it may be time to take a different angle and think a different way.

*It’s fun to see professional athletes do exercises that we do everyday in the gym. Steph deadlifts 400 pounds at a bodyweight of maybe 190.

The best are the best not because they are the best… Does that make sense?… ;-)… Let me help a little more. Everyone, even the best, struggles and has setbacks. Those that rise to the top of their field/craft/trade do that because they figure out how to success through the downtimes. Those that don’t, well don’t. If you are struggling with something right now find your inner champion and you will rise out of it and move your life forward.

The O-Board Says…

AMRAP 20min

6 Toes to Bar
12 Ball Slams
18 Reverse Def Lunges

*every 5 minutes, 50 doubles

Post by Chris; @cmoknows