The Top 5 Ways YogaFit Will Improve Your Workouts

When I started practicing yoga in 2010 … I was  not looking for a new practice in my life (pun intended). I was so broken down physically and emotionally and was on my way to shoulder surgery #2 and Doctor’s telling me I would never have full range of motion in my left arm again … “You’re Ok with that right”

Am I ok with that?

NO … I was 28 and the thought of not being able to hold my future children, or be able to lift objects over my head was just not an option! Thankfully right at this time I was introduced to a yoga for athletes and figured this was better than the alternative, so I should give it a try!

It took a good 4 months of classes (just going once a week) to not be have pain in my left arm, but I stayed focused and did see results slowly but surely. I had more range of motion much more flexibility in my hips and shoulders, and was feeling great in my workouts.

Here are 5 Reasons that Yoga will Help Improve Your Workouts:

1. Yoga Teaches You How to Breath – Once I got the control of my breath down my workouts were much more effective. I was in control the entire time. I was able to complete more reps, lift more weight, without getting fatigued!

2. Yoga puts you in good positioning – When doing yoga you will feel the release of tightness in your hips, shoulders, ankles, wrists, and gain strength through your core. You will be able to maintain good positioning with shoulders open; not rounded, and maintaining  good position in the spine, which will help in all the activities you do outside of yoga (i.e. lifting, running, biking, swimming, tennis, golf etc…)

#3 Yoga helps with Focus – We talk a lot about creating a focus for your yoga practice. I like thinking about going to your “Happy Place”. When negative thoughts or noise starts to filter in you can go right to that place and overpower the bad with the good. In my workouts now I like to come in with an intention of what it is I want to accomplish. Maybe I want to go heavier weight, do a more advanced movement, run faster, etc… whatever it is the when finding your focus it helps get you through your workouts and you feel accomplished because you had a goal in mind!

# 4 Yoga is a kick butt workout – One of the reasons I fell in love with my yoga studio was the fact that I felt like I got such a great workout but felt all the yoga benefits. I like to call this the best of both worlds. My favorite part of yoga is you feel so good on the inside and look even better on the outside!

#5 Yoga is Fun – In my  yoga classes we like to keep things upbeat and not take ourselves too seriously! We blast upbeat music, tell funny stories, laugh together, and most of all have FUN while doing it! We have a motto at CPMFITness “Fun is First” if it isn’t fun why do it?

When doing Yoga will notice a big difference in your mental outlook, your sleep, your flexibility, and your workouts. So go try out a Yogafit class and see all the wonderful benefits!

The O-Board Says…

4 Rounds of:

4 Min. AMRAP
5 Burpees
7 Toes 2 Bar
9 Wall Balls

** rest 1 minute between rounds

Posted by: Annie