The Voice In Your Head at CPM …

The Voice In Your Head at CPM …

As I was watching the super bowl, and viewing the most elite athletes in the world my mind started to wander….

What makes these athletes tick? Do they get nervous? What is really going on through their minds as their cleats touch the field?

Are there voices that go on inside our head .. if so what are they saying?

I know most of us can relate to this on  some scale..

Do you think the NFL athletes are going through the same mental battles we are?

Are we all on the same page as athletes? and if so why are these athletes ” So Elite” ?

Listen to that little voice just as I am sure Tom Brady and Nick Foles do,

The next time your brain tells you to stop push through and really dig deep to find the true champion you are and always knew you could be!!!

That Little Voice

“I’m so tired.”
“You can do it.”
“Just one more rep.”
“I dunno, that looks heavy.”
“Just lift the bar.”

We’ve all got a little voice in our head, sometimes it’s helpful , sometimes it’s not.

“Did the dog just talk to me?”

Sometimes it’s really not. No matter how helpful or unhelpful (or strange) that little voice in your head is, it’s actually trainable, just like the rest of your body. It takes effort and near constant attention, and you have to hold that attention in even the toughest of circumstances. The middle of a workout, for example.

At some point, there’s been someone you’ve seen do a workout or an athlete on television who just amazed you. What makes that person keep going, keep powering through even when no one else is cheering?

It’s that little voice……

It’s powerful enough to get you through through brutal workouts and powerful enough to derail an easy one. It can be your biggest fan or your biggest enemy. But ultimately, you’re in control of it.

Today’s a good day to start working on it. Is that little voice already telling you it’s going to suck? You can start working on it before you even get to the gym! Remind yourself how much you love burpees!

How awesome burpees are!  How could that not be even more awesome?

See, You’ve already taken the first step to reprogramming that little voice. Now try it again without letting the little voice sound so sarcastic.

What does your little voice tell you CPM’ers?

Please post in the comments below…

The O-Board Says…

A. 2-2-1-1-1
Power Clean

400m Run
11 Snatch (95/65)
17 Pull Ups
13 Cleans (95/65)

Posted By Annie