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Below is your latest installment of the Deets.

#cpmgo Shirt Day

This coming Tuesday we are updating the pics on our website and we want you to be apart of it. August 27th during the 5:30p CPMFIT and YogaFIT classes we encourage everyone to join us, rock your #cpmgo shirt and we will ROCK the house! We will be taking pics of the warm-up, workout and yoga class and we need you as CPM models. Come get famous with us.

If you are on Facebook you can RSVP HERE

Next Compentency Course… Paleo Challenge

What creates change in your life? CHALLENGE! When you challenge yourself for an extended period of time you have the opportunity to better yourself and your life. So how do you stay motivated long enough to challenge yourself? You need coaches, accountability, tracking, a positive peer group, rewards and some skin in the game. All of these are components you will find in our upcoming Compentency Course — Paleo Challenge.

Here is the latest.

-It is a 7 week challenge (September 21st & Ends November 9th). Winners are announced November 16th.
-We are gathering some great sponsors as we speak.
-Every Monday we will have a classroom style meeting to educate, motivate and teach you how to make this Paleo thing a lifestyle for permanent results. Topics will be released soon.
-Online Tracking for your Food Journal.
-More details next week.

Labor Day Schedule and Fun Workout

Join us on September 2nd, 9:30AM for a special Holiday Workout (no cap of this class). We will also have a YogaFIT class following at 10:45a. Make sure you wear Red, White and/or Blue or it’s burpees for you! Both classes are updated on the scheduler.

There will be no regular classes at CPM on Labor Day.

Today’s Workout:

A. Back Squat 1 Rep Max

B. AMRAP 8 min:
200 Run
10 Toe 2 Bar
–Rest 4 Minutes–
AMRAP 8min:
10 Overhead Wt’d Walking Lunges (45/25)
5 Ring Pushups
250m Row

Post by Chris.