There’s Still Time for Goals CPM’ers …

There’s Still Time for Goals CPM’ers …

It is the final month of 2016 (I can’t believe it)! Instead of waiting for New Year’s Resolutions get a head start on your goals for 2016 and continue them right into the New Year and 2017!

Here are some good guidelines to follow when setting goals so they are clear, concise, and effective:

#1 Set Goals That Motivate You – Make sure the goal has meaning and purpose behind it, and that there is value in achieving it! . If you have little interest in the outcome, or they are irrelevant given the larger picture, then the chances of you putting in the work to make them happen are slim. Motivation is key to making your goals a reality.

#2 Write Down Your Goals: There is power in the written word. Studies show when you write something down it is much more likely to be attained. You can put it in your vision daily and it will be in the forefront of your mind.

#3 Create a Plan of Attack: – Start with the end goal then work backwards. Breaking it down to little steps to take each day/week/month etc .. to hit that ultimate goal. For example if you want to loose 15lbs, start with planning a meal plan for the week, then scheduling your workouts out (or finding a workout program) and then literally treating it like an appointment. Do this week to week and before you know it you will be in a great routine and on your way to hitting your ultimate goal!

#4 Create Urgency: When you have a timeline or deadline for your goals your sense of urgency increases and achievement will come that much quicker.

#5 Make Your Goal Positive: We are much better at approaching what we DO want than avoiding what we don’t want. So for example instead of saying “I don’t want to eat junk food”. Write “I am going to add more vegetables and add more water to my diet”. This has a much more positive spin and will make you focus on the good not the bad of your goal!

Make Goals Happen There’s still plenty of time in 2016!

The O-Board Says…

Part A:
500m Row For Time
-rest 1-
600m Run For Time

Part B:
0-10 minutes
P1: 200m run w/ ball
P2: Max Slamballs
10-20 minutes
P1: 200m run w/ ball
P2: Max Wallballs
*partners need 2 balls. a wallball and a slam ball

Posted By: Annie