These Foods Are Banned in Other Countries … So Why Can We Eat Them Here?

Food Companies in the U.S. try to hide many harmful ingredients as (additives) into their foods to make them more cost-effective, the problem is with adding these harmful but “inexpensive” ingredients we are leading america on a deep dark path of unhealthiness.

These foods are literally banned from other countries so why are we able to consume them in the US?

These foods are not only harmful to our bodies they are harmful to our overall health!

There are so many products out now that we are told are “healthy” for you, but have very toxic chemicals that are poisoning are actually poisoning our bodies.

We may believe foods such as salmon are good, but if we do not purchase the right type, we could be loosing all the wonderful benefits that salmon has to offer. Also look for the ingredients in popular foods you buy such as meat, mac and cheese, chicken, dairy, and many more.

It doesn’t take much more effort or time to read your labels! Plus, once you know the products that don’t contain those harmful ingredients you will have to take no time at all!

Here is a great article from Raw For Beauty…..

What foods were you surprised to read on this list?

Post your answers in the comments below…..

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Post by Annie.