Feeling Springy…

Feeling Springy…

+1 Post Challenge Special

Lets be honest… The PnP Challenge went great! Attendance went up! You committed to the principles of the nutrition guidelines and you succeeded. It was all focused on forward progress not little setbacks. With the success of the challenge we would like to extend a special upgrade to ALL MEMBERS! Introducing the +1 Pass Special.

You have until March 15th to upgrade your current membership. Here are your 2 options:

A. +1 (just like the challenge)
Take your current membership and add an extra class every week for 30 days.
For ex: If you are 3x/wk you would +1 that and workout/yoga 4x/wk.

Cost = $40 (that is 4 extra classes for $10 per)

B. Unlimited Pass (the Super+)
No matter the membership you have (2x, 3x) here is your chance upgrade to unlimited for a 30 day period.

Cost = $60 (that is ALOT more classes; the more you use, the less cost per class:)

Supplements and Sweatshirts

First the sweatshirts. We put in another order for the extremely popular CPM Sweatshirts. If you would like one, check with your coach to see if we have your size!

We will be placing another SFH order in March. Watch the board to get your name in on the pre-order!

Spring Motivation

It’s warming up outside and it feels so good. This warmer weather has me thinking about running. I don’t run very often other than what we do in our workouts. Fortunately, CPM keeps me in running condition despite the fact that we don’t run more than 1 mile at a time. So I’m thinking about adding some cardio in the form of running to my weekly workout routine. I’m addicted to CPM workouts so this means I have to fit the runs into my Monday-Friday CPM WODS. Do I run before class? After class? I’m never motivated to run after class. Let’s be honest, I’m usually laying on the floor.

So that leaves running before class. How do I fit this in? The 45 minute class definitely helps. So I’m thinking head out of the mall and hit the bike trail for a 3 miler maybe twice a week before class. Sounds doable, right? But will my workout suffer? This is where I am conflicted. I like the idea of burning some extra calories and getting outdoors but I get really annoyed when I’m too tired to perform my best during the WOD.

So here’s my plan. I try it for 2 weeks. 3 mile runs, twice a week before class. How did I feel during the workout? How do I feel at night? Am I starving? All things to keep in mind when I modify my workouts. I’ll let you know how it goes.

I’m curious, any of you changing up your routine now that the weather is better? Let me know!


The Oboard Says..
6 rounds for time:
25 Ball Slams
1 min Plank
25 Walking Lunges
400m Run
Posted by: Emily